The Torbay Suite

The Torbay Suite is a 60 minute descriptive piece about the pristine Torbay Inlet and surrounds in Western Australia's remote South Coast. The piece comprises of Torbay Day and Torbay Night. Torbay Day maps the inlet from dawn to dusk and Torbay Night from dusk to dawn. The Night was inspired by many nights around Rob's campfire and something that an aboriginal friend once told him: nightime is the only time you can see out of the holes in the blanket, the stars. 

Torbay Day

  1. Dawn

  2. Seasons of Youth

  3. Great Southern Raining

  4. The White Bird

  5. Sandbank

  6. The Dragonfly Set

  7. Donegal

Torbay Night

  1. Twilight Unbroken

  2. The Invite

  3. Blue Flower

  4. High Ridge Track

  5. Silky Water

  6. Sitting

  7. Minang Moon Lullaby

  8. Holes in the Blanket

  9. Dreaming

  10. In Sight of Home

  11. Campfire