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Robert Zielinski is ‘simply one of the best Irish musicians in Australia’
Doug Spencer, former ABC Radio National presenter

Robert Zielinski's very early version of Kiangardarup - 'The Torbay Suite was the highlight of the 2019 festival inspiring the biggest standing ovation I have ever seen at the festival’
Peter Keelan, former Brave New Works Festival director

'Robert Zielinski is a musician's musician'
Rod Vervest, former Fairbridge Festival director

Robert Zielinski is a traditional Irish fiddle player, composer and violin maker. He first heard the fiddle when he was seven and recalls being transfixed by its sound. Robert grew up in the Perth hills, learning traditional Irish music by ear from Eddie Lowe, then Sean Doherty and later Mick Doherty. Mick was a member of a family of traveling fiddle players, storytellers and tinsmiths from Co. Donegal. At seventeen years of age, Robert moved to Ireland, where he spent 14 years living on the West coast learning from the older generation. He taught for three years at the Galway School of Traditional Irish Music and in the year 2000 won Irelands Michael Coleman Fiddle Player of the Year Award. Robert performs on a violin he made for himself while living in Torbay. He has been guest soloist with The Perth Symphony Orchestra, performed internationally and is now concentrating on his new compositions.

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