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Duo - Rob Zielinski & Manuela Centanni


Photo by Dan Eady

Robert and Manuela met in New Zealand in 2020. They play traditional music from Ireland and beyond on wooden flute and fiddle. They also focus on many of Robert's original compositions, including pieces from his last album inspired by the remote south west coast of Western Australia. They are known for their unique tone and unison playing, harmonies and arrangements. The duo was featured on the Otago Daily Times. Robert and Manuela have performed in Australia, New Zealand and Italy.

Manuela is a flute player from San Clemente, Rimini, Italy. Manuela graduated from the Conservatoire of Bologna (Italy) in 2009, receiving a Masters with distinction in flute (Diploma in Flauto traverso). Manuela studied under Massimo Pasi. In 2014, she moved to New Zealand, where she found a vibrant traditional music scene in Dunedin. It was here she was able to pursue her lifetime dream to play traditional music. Between local sessions, festivals, ceilidh and the Dunedin Scottish Fiddle Orchestra, this nurturing and friendly environment enabled her to quietly explore many aspects of this music. In 2018 she bought a wooden flute from Chris Norman from Nova Scotia, a copy of a Rudall Rose flute.

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